Mr. Pone, with twenty-five years experience in his position as Guardian, is the longest serving member of the Innu Nation’s environment department.

Etienne works on fish and wildlife issues and his career has spanned a range of important projects at the Innu Nation from caribou to the communal fishery, the Trans-Labrador Highway to the newly established Akami-uapishku – KakKasuak – Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve and the Lower Churchill Project at Manitu-Utshu (Muskrat Falls).   

Having spent a lifetime in Nutshimit (on the land), Etienne is fluent in his first language of Innu-Aimun, an important Innu Knowledge holder in his community of Sheshatshiu, NL and well respected by Tshishennuat (Elders). Through the course of his employment, Etienne has also completed many accredited training programs. Etienne practices and transmits many important Innu cultural practices and traditions to Innu youth, like the Makushan, and is committed to best-practice environmental management within Nitassinan (Innu territory).