David Wolfrey is an Inuk from Rigolet Nunatsiavut, where he still lives. He grew up as a hunter, trapper and fisher, and was raised to respect the land and wildlife.

David still lives his traditional lifestyle as much as he can. Educated both in school and in traditional ways, he has worked as a Conservation Officer with the Nunatsiavut Government for over 24 years. David is an Indigenous knowledge holder, and has an intimate connection with Lake Melville which started when he spent countless hours hunting and fishing on the Lake with his Grandfather Hugh Palliser. David was trained in an Indigenous program for fish and wildlife management in Fredericton NB, then continued to further his education with the College of the North Atlantic in Goose Bay. David tries to pass on his traditional ways and has worked to do this with a program called Culture Connect. David is also an instructor of the Newfoundland and Labrador Government Trappers course.