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The atmosphere is other worldly. This is crucial for your own safety. If its your first time, stay close to the shore while you get used to the conditions. The only thing to watch out for is a little bit of boggy terrain, not to reach every pool, but to reach a couple of goodies. If youre planning a trip to the Lake District, here are more of our guides to help you get the best out of this stunning part of England. Thank you for subscribing! Jumping from the cliffs into the deep water below can give you a huge adrenalin rush. Next time you're in the Lake District, why not take a vitalising dip in one of these beautiful wild swimming spots. Its so dramatic and feels like youve entered a secret world - you just cant believe that metres away lies an open landscape of lakes and fells. Be inspired to do more and go further by equipping yourself with the best tools for the job. There is no scrambling required to reach the falls and for the most part the trail is in very good condition. With spectacular ribbon lakes, rugged mountains and charming villages the range of activities on offer spans everything from afternoon scones to adventurous scrambles. Some of the spots on our list are not signposted, so carry directions with you and check our individual guides for details on track conditions. With misty lakes, meandering rivers and hidden tarns, there are hundreds of places to wild swim in the Lake District. In this video I find the most beautiful wild swimming spot, visit 2 waterfalls, summit 5 mountains and find the most stunning wild camp location. As the biggest and most famous lake in the National Park and in England, it could not be left out. Park at the car park at the top of the Foulstep Road just above Skelwith Bridge, then walk for 5 minutes down to the tarn. This is a lake and a wild swim that will take your breath away with the pure scale and beauty of your surroundings. And you can boast that you've swum in England's deepest lake! Waterfall Swim Adventure in the Lake District | Wild Swimming | Cold Water 5,428 views Mar 7, 2021 Taking the plunge! Walk length: 0.75 miles (1.2km) circuit - plus 750m each way if walking from the villageDifficulty: Easy. Although you can reach the falls via longer tracks, the quickest route is definitely one of the best easy walks in the Lake District. Beautifully placed between Buttermere and Loweswater, Crummock Water is one of the lovely wild outdoor swimming spots. We're Cat Smith and Joe Bird, two travel fanatics from the U.K. We both caught the travel bug on solo trips in 2003 and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. The ghyll (deep ravine) upstream is dramatic and the views over the Great Moss up to the Scafell range is one of the most dramatic in the Lakes. The Julian Alps offer top-class swimming, including the lovely (but costly) Lake Bled lido. The crossing is approximately 2km, though shorter swims along the shoreline are possible. The most important part is to get out there and swim with a smile. The water is cold and fresh and there's even places where it's deep enough to jump in, sit in a natural . ( in my opinion). Two perfect rocky pools with an incredible colour, surrounded by a breathtaking canyon full of waterfalls, wildlife and flowers. At the southern end of Ullswater, in the town of Glenridding, gently sloping beaches descend into a beautiful part of the lake. Its a scenic remote spot and one of our favourite wild swimming locations in the Lake District. Being smaller in size and relatively shallow, on a lovely summers day the temperature of the water will be perfect. If you told me I was in the Lake District, Id be gobsmacked. If I was randomly dropped at Scale Force and asked where I thought I was, Id say New Zealand (or maybe Iceland). You can reach Whorneyside Force via a strenuous circuit hike taking in the fabulous Crinkle Crags, or using a direct route, which is a pretty easy walk. Sourmilk Gyll. The views are gorgeous, not just of the lake itself, but also the surrounding fells. Administrative divisions until 2020 [ edit] Raions of Poltava Oblast as of June 2020. For more information about visiting the area, read our guide to the Langdale Valley. But if youre ready to channel your inner Wim Hof, then you probably wont find a more dramatic swimming spot. With these great wild swimming spots you can enjoy the cool natural waters while taking in the spectacular scenery that is all around you. That way in the unlikely event that there is a problem, people will know where to find you. Dont let it put you off because its relatively short sections, but do wear shoes you dont mind getting wet. There is a steepish climb to get there, but it doesnt last too long and its more than worth it. Black Moss Pot can get a little busy in the summer holidays and on weekends. It gets its name from a stone pack horse bridge that traverses the stream which you can swim underneath. Wild Swimming simply means swimming in natural bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. This will help to maintain the pristine conditions of the English Lakes. 7 must visit tarns in the Lake District. Wild swimming at Galleny Force (Fairy Glen) & Black Moss Pot Fairy Glen This lake is better suited to more experienced or confident wild swimmers due to the steep drop offs near the edge of the lake but that shouldnt stop it being a lake to aim for. Thank you for subscribing! Here we reveal some of our favourites. At an altitude of 600 metres, getting to Sprinkling Tarn is a long hike across rugged mountain scenery. The more its rained, the more impressive the waterfall will be. Eskdale is one of the most beautiful places in the Lake District. About a 30-40 minute walk from Sonethwaite, in the shadow of Scafell Pike, is one of the most amazing wild swim spots that the Lake District has to offer. If you are looking for freedom, stunning scenery, and the opportunity to explore the very best in wild swimming spots, then the only place to visit is the Lake District. Wild Things - Wild Swimming Walks - Lake DistrictThe best-selling Wild Swimming Walks series visits the delights of The Lake District with 28 lake, river and waterfall days out.Combining stunning photography, engaging stories and natural history, with all Add to Wishlist. Moderate hikes in the Lake District - 7 of the best. Information can be found on the Lake District website specifically for swimmers and users of the lakes. For finding the best locations to explore, a guide such as Suzanna Swims in the north-west Lakes or Colin Hill at Ullswater can offer invaluable advice and brilliant guidance. What a beautiful walk in the Langdale valley, whatever the weather the views are breathtaking. This is one of our favourite little lakes, and a great escape on a sunny day. You can reach the falls via several different tracks, most of which are very quick and easy. After buying a one way ticket to Istanbul we spent a year making our way through Asia before arriving in Australia, where we have been living ever since. Some of the bog wasnt too bad on our visit, but some was pretty wet and you wouldnt be able to keep your boots dry unless youre very lucky. It really is stunning and well worth doing if you have the right conditions. There are large open grassy banks and all the facilities of Glenridding (toilets, shops, pubs, cafes) are just a few minutes walk away. Wastwater One of the most dramatic of all wild swimming spots, the impossibly photogenic Wastwater is England's deepest lake. 16. You cant swim in the pool, but its more than enough to simply sit and take in the idyllic scene. Be assisted with confidence into lake or waterfall and learn how to relax and take it in your stride safely. There is limited free parking around the village of Buttermere, but it fills up very quickly on weekends and school holidays. Wild Swimming Spain: Discover the Most Beautiful Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls of Spain Discover over 150 magical places to swim and explore in Spain. Buckstones Jum 3 Stunning Waterfalls To Swim In 12. # # 2 3 2 # # # # # 0909897810 . You can see which are effected, as well as all other details in this guide. It cascades into a narrow mossy chasm and the walls are so high that no light can penetrate. Adults and children alike will love it. To be found in the fells near Rydal, this pool is great for a swim, bathe or relax, with the guaranteed beauty of the Lake District all around you. Birks Bridge What to Consider When Wild Swimming Dangers of swimming in lakes and rivers A crucial question is always, what is the water temperature? After 300m youll see a gate into the woods on the left. You can access your free e-book by clicking on this link. All Rights Reserved. Where can I swim for free in the lake district?Any of the main lakes, tarns etc are all free to swim in. Its only 100m between the wooden bridge and the base of the upper falls, but its definitely not for everyone. Its also the warmest swimming spot Ive been to in the Lakes so far! Read Next Where to stay in the Lake District. Near the foot of the valley, the Esk River has cut canyons and pools in the rock creating three great pots to wild swim. Whatever your motive, the UK has some stunning spots for wild swimming, from secluded rocky pools to unspoiled hillside lakes. Its not run by the National Trust, so members wont park free here. 3-5 business days . We're Cat Smith and Joe Bird, two travel fanatics from the U.K. We both caught the travel bug on solo trips in 2003 and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. Tongue Pot is a deep pool with high walls perfect for leaping into for a more expansive swim. From those which are easy strolls, to a few that are slightly harder to reach. We love the small canyon falls which only has a tiny plunge pool, but is incredibly atmospheric. The walk to get there is also gorgeous, taking you alongside multiple cascades and through fabulous mossy woodland. A stunning waterfall flows down into a long pool making it an idyllic place to spend your time. 2023 - Walk My World. When the sun is shining there is no better place on earth to be. Cross the bridge and head through the gate, and then right. Sign up to our mailing list to get our free mini guide! Here are our top 10 swimming spots for both family activities and secluded bliss. There are two separate pools, one higher than the other. Best wild swimming in the Lake District for putting some laps under your belt in a scenic lake. After a few minutes youll pass through a kissing gate, which is signposted for Scale Force. Its more like an ice bucket challenge! At Westwater, you can park right where you swim. OS paper map for Tongue pot: Explorer OL 6, OS paper map for Galleny Force: Explorer OL 4, OS paper map for Kailpot Crag: Explorer OL 5, OS paper map for Coniston Water: Explorer OL 6, OS paper map for Stanley Gill Force: Explorer OL 6, OS Paper map for Holme Fell Lake: Explorer OL 7. Its a great day out, but beware being drunk and wild swimming isnt a good mix. These are either stand alone pieces of water or a particular place on some of the larger lakes to enjoy yourself in the water without doing an open water swim. It's near Rydal Water and you'll park the car at Rydal Hall and track Rydal Beck up stream for about 45 mins. You can read more, including details on a second swimming spot, in this guide. Save 13% from RPP Save 13%. If you appreciate our content, here are some ways you can support us. If you are planning to camp, continue on rough track for further 600m to park at Stonethwaite riverside campsite (0176 87 77234). A crisp air drifts from the nearby mountains, covering us in a reluctance to dive in the water. Be aware that boats do use the lake as well so always swim with care. What are the most spectacular lakes to wild swim in? Stanley Gill Force - Image: Daniel Start// Chatsworth House, Bakewell, DE45 1PP. The water here is peaty, clear, and chilly. Not suitable for jumping. Add to Favorites. Stanley Ghyll Waterfall is one of the most atmospheric in the Lake District. You can find out more details in our Ritsons Force guide. A waterfall swim and walk in the Lake District National. It's an activity that has gained popularity over the last few years and the Lake District is top on the list of places to go for many wild swimmers. The only difficult part of the track is negotiating the bog. The waterfall is easily accessible by trail and road. Located just outside Simonsbath, the best wild swimming near me, has to be past the Bluebell Wood to the secluded pools. Its truly wild. If the conditions are good on the first leg of the circuit, then to complete it, you need to take the path on the other side of the wooden bridge and begin heading along the the narrow stony track. The temperature may be cold, especially so in deeper areas. Litter tends to breed litter, so if you do spot any and are able to pick it up and dispose of it outside the park, it will go a long way to keeping the area clean. From this point on the scenery gets even better. Find nearby walking routes below. This is not the only infinity pool in the Lake District, but it is one of the most beautiful. After leaving the lake shore, the walk begins to climb, but very gently at first. Lather up with sunscreen and throw on your bathing suit, because there's a world of fun awaiting you. Our maps are built on 220 years of experience - we keep walkers, runners, cyclists and more safe in the great outdoors all year round. Tongue Pot - Image: Daniel Start//, The legendary Tongue Pot forms a long emerald pool beneath a roaring waterfall in a cleft of the mountain stream, just beneath a mountain packhorse bridge. Please remember to take all rubbish with you and keep these places wild and pristine - as with anywhere in the outdoors. The stone steps are uneven, but they only last for 250m. You could easily spend a day here swimming at various spots and enjoying the amazing countryside. The path around the bridge is also boggy. This takes around 15 mins. Home > Places > Wild Swim > Waterfall or Gorge. Its cold already. Were slowly making our way around all the waterfalls in the Lake District, but I dont think well find any quite as captivating as Scale Force. From here you retrace your steps for 1.4 miles (2.2km) along the flat path to the car park. Companies like Head for the Hills also do beginners and advanced courses in open water swimming. Huge craggy mountains surround the water creating a dramatic atmosphere for a refreshing Lake District wild swim. An unforgettable wild swim. After Rosthwaite, turn L at crossroads with post box in wall signed Langstrath Country Inn (carry on along lane beyond CA12 5XG) and follow lane to Stonethwaite. All around you are rocks and cliffs that form the walls of the Pot. Park alongside the road just before the farm at Seathwaite, then walk for 1 hour and 45 minutes uphill. 10. Make the Moat House Your Wild Swimming Base This high, craggy cliff beneath Hallin Fell plummets into deep water. The weather in the Lake District can change very quickly and it is always beneficial to be aware of any upcoming storms or fluctuations. Each of the parking locations mentioned in this article have been marked on the map, along with the best spots to jump in for a swim. 28 magical walks through some of Wales' most popular mountain, lowland and coastal areas.Classic walks that link multiple swim stops. Its deep enough to dive in from the old dam wall, and small enough that it warms up nicely in the sunshine. If peace, quiet and beauty is what you are looking for then this is the place for you. Given that its located in Ambleside, Stock Ghyll Force is one of the better known waterfalls in the Lake District. But the shelving beach is on the far side (20 minute walk away from the car park), so it retains a slightly off-the-beaten-track feel. We used to talk about travelling the world together, and in 2012 we finally made that happen. Many automotive and farm equipment factories were established during the growth of industry between 1901 and the 1930s. From fairytale falls that shoot through narrow canyons, to those with turquoise pools that wouldnt look out of place in Bali. Whether these are sailing boats, ferries and pleasure craft, or jet skis etc, you are small and hard for them to see. For longer swims in summer or any swims in winter wear a wetsuit and make sure you have warm clothes to change back into when you are finished. Getting down was a bit trickier as you have more forwards momentum. However, the pool is small and best enjoyed with as few people as possible - which can be a challenge to achieve as its not a very long or difficult walk (although you do have a bit of a climb on a narrow track). As previously mentioned, wetsuits, bright swimming caps and tow floats can be very important. From river swims and lake dips to a good soak under a waterfall, have plenty of spots spread right across the county that are ideal for a truly immersive Lake District experience! Up in this beautiful place you may feel like you are the only person in the entire National Park. Swimming in pairs or groups is good for morale and safety. Discover the elegant splendour of Stanley Gill Force, one of Lakelands most graceful falls, once revered by Victorian traveller but now well off the beaten track. From the SE corner of Hodge Close quarry (itself an amazing place), a path leads up through woods to old mine ruins 300m. Out of the 14 major lakes in the national park, only 3 of them do not allow swimming, but which are the best? Go to Basket/Checkout | Sign In | +44 (0)1455 611185 St Nectan's Kieve, Tintagel. Coordinates: 54.4428 N, 3.2920 W 2. Also, be aware of other users. After buying a one way ticket to Istanbul we spent a year making our way through Asia before arriving in Australia, where we have been living ever since. Cornwall. But we do it. On a long sweep of the majestic River Derwent, this swim is all about Chatsworth House . At 61m deep it is the deepest tarn in the Lakes and is as deep as most of our larger lakes; all this in a tarn barely 400m across. Scale Force: the Lake District's wild and mysterious gorge waterfall, Golitha Falls: ancient woods and hidden swimming spots, Sour Milk Ghyll and Easedale Tarn: 2 spectacular swimming spots in Grasmere, 14 Incredible Lake District Waterfalls: wild swimming and hidden gems, Skelwith Force: a great rainy day activity in the Lake District, Crinkle Crags & Bowfell: Two of Wainwright's favourites in one walk, Tarn Hows and Black Fell: an easy walk in the Lake District, Loughrigg Fell: the perfect walk from Ambleside, Lake District, The easiest route up England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, Helm Crag - The perfect sunset walk in the Lake District, Warnscale Bothy: a Lake District hidden treasure, 14 incredible things to do in Coniston including secret spots, 16 amazing things to do in Grasmere including the best of its wild side, Stanley Ghyll Waterfall: one of the most atmospheric in the Lake District, The shortest route to Cathedral Cave - just a 15 minute walk, The Giggle Alley Japanese Garden: Eskdale's hidden autumn wonderland, Hodge Close Quarry: how to find the incredible hidden caverns, The quickest walk to Rydal Cave plus a hidden cave nearby, Stock Ghyll Force: Ambleside's beautiful ravine waterfall, Tongue Pot and the spectacular swimming holes beyond, The Buttermere Infinity Pool and the hidden swimming spots beyond, Ritson's Force: incredible electric blue waterholes in the Lake District, Buckstones Jump & the incredible swimming holes at Rydal Waterfalls, Whorneyside Force: Langdale's secret waterfall swimming spot, Thirlmere infinity pool: how to get there and beat the crowds, The Old Man of Coniston, one of the best walks in the Lake District, Everything you need to know to hike Catbells, Lake District, Seven Easy Walks in the Lake District, England, The best Lake District walks for stunning views, Best things to do in the Lake District, England, The Kindness of Strangers: 10 travel moments that restored my faith in humanity, What it's like to give it all up to travel in your 30's. Paperback . Black Moss Pot 16. Now thats not a bad feeling to have. If you are planning to swim in the colder months such as spring or autumn, or even in the summer months, then a wetsuit is an advisable purchase. Are you allowed to swim in Lakes?The easy answer is yes. Wild Swimming The Lake District, Cumbria is one of the best places in the world for wild swimming. The next part of the circuit has some much boggier ground. Buttermere and its surrounding area have been voted time and again as some of the most stunningly beautiful scenery in the Lake District, if not the entire UK. Kail pot and Pillar pot are 25 minutes from the car park; Tongue Pot is 20 minutes further. Gadding's Dam Reservoirs often make for excellent wild swimming spots. Located off Ullswater, this deep water underneath an intimidating cliff can be enjoyed by jumpers and wild swimmers alike. Swimming in Lake District resources: These are what we used in deciding where and how to swim: Lake district national park swimming page: Explains what waters/lake you can and cannot swim in and additionally, which one have less boat traffic etc. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click through and decide to make a purchase. The book takes you on magical journeys through Britain?s most popular walking and swimming region, combining classic Lakes fell walking with adventurous swimming, collating the very best swims and hikes in Lakeland. There's a 7-day free trial too, so you can access all of Great Britain anytime, anywhere. BMK0DP Coniston Village and Coniston Old Man, The Lake District, Cumbria . The best waterfall and wild swimming waterfall in the Lake District!! From great lakes like Windermere, through to small hidden gems such as Tongue Pot, there is a swim out there to suit you all. Its important to leave them exactly as you found them so they will remain beautiful for generations to come. Wild Swimming. If the weather has been wet I would recommend heading back the way you came. The walk itself is pretty straightforward, but accessing the pool requires a scramble. It may be small, but Rydal Water is still an amazing place to venture for a wild swim. Best wild swimming in the Lake District near a great local pub. There is a small amount of boggy ground in this direction, but its minimal and none of it flooded our boots. It must be one of the best wild swimming walks in the world. 3. There is so much to see and experience while swimming in this wild lake. 5 If you plan on swimming across deep water then do not go on your own, its safer and more fun with others. Grasmere. The water cascades into a narrow mossy chasm and the walls are so high that no light can penetrate.

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